Here we have a screenshot of the Wellicks’ TV from episode 8 (with a closeup of the pictured headline), when they’re showing the police into their living room.  Assuming Joanna wasn’t sitting there watching dvr’d msnbc, the headline means it should be the first couple of weeks of April 2015 because the Tsarnaev verdict came out Tuesday, April 14.  However, I think this might be one of the fuck-ups Sam Esmail talks about in this interviewThis post is kinda an elaboration on a previous post, only now with visuals and additional dates! 

To begin, I am fairly certain the series opens at the beginning of February 2015.

In the pilot, this news article about the murder of the owner of fsociety headquarters is dated August 6, 2013, a day after the murder itself.
Add 18 months (Elliot says it’s been a year and a half), and you get Thursday, February 5, 2015. And that’s the day the series begins, give or take a day. I realize that a phrase like 18 months can be used to describe a precise as well as an imprecise period of time. February 5 is what you get using an online add-to-date calculator. 

Assuming the E Corp hack happened at 2:07 am Eastern Standard on Friday night…er, I mean…Saturday morning, February 7, 2015, this means the meeting with E Corp and the government suits likely took place on Monday, February 9, 2015.

The next firm date reference we’re given is when Elliot says nothing has happened with Terry Colby in the 19 days since they turned over the dat file to E Corp. 19 days after the meeting gets us to Saturday, February 28. 

We have another date reference near the end of the pilot, when Elliot approaches Angela about not talking to him in 3 weeks, since the meeting with E Corp. Three weeks after the meeting with E Corp, if we’re sticking with the assumption that it took place on February 9, is Monday March 2, 2015, which should be when Terry Colby was arrested. 

Next, when we see Elliot’s med records in episode 3, the date is listed as March 13, 2015. But we also see that he’s seemingly changing the records in late April, which makes sense since the tests would likely be ongoing…at least until he’s discharged from Krista’s care, I think? 

In episode 4, the fsociety gang discuss E Corp switching over their data storage on Wednesday, April 1, 2015. Elliot says they have time since it’s only March 29. I’m pretty sure the rest of the episode takes place mostly over March 30, and they infiltrate Steel Mountain during episode 5 on March 31, 2015, a Tuesday.

Going back to episode 2, Tyrell said that E Corp would be doing the data storage switch at the end of the quarter, which Elliot alludes to in episode 4. The quarter would end March 31, which adds further support to the basic general timeline thus far.

At the very end of episode 5, Elliot returns to his apartment with Darlene to discover that Shayla is missing. We pick up in episode 6 with Shayla and Elliot in the diner, where she is violently ripped away, never to be seen alive again. 

When Vera’s brother Issac, DJ, and Elliot return to the apartment, Elliot pulls up Issac’s phone on his computer. The date in the window is listed as April 1st (2015/04/01 on the far left), meaning Elliot kicked into gear pretty quickly after getting the call from Vera at the end of episode 5. 

After a flashback, we open episode 7 with Elliot stating that it’d been a month since Shayla died. Thus, we should pick up in the first few days of May. That’s all well and good. But then we have that shot of the TV in the Wellick’s house, which is from the following episode. And that’s why I think it’s a mistake. The other dates are consistent with one another. But that one isn’t.

The second potential mistake in time/date references occurs in episode 9. Gideon’s email suggests that it’s mid-June…and that doesn’t make sense… 

Angela’s computer lists the date as May 9, 2015 in the same episode. May 9 works well within timeline (an aside – if have you a chance, check out Angela’s rockin’ early-mid ‘90s playlist. it’s not visible here b/c of resizing, but check it out). 

May 9 – the day Elliot realizes he’s Mr. Robot.  The day sneaks off to fsociety with Tyrell while Darlene’s out refilling his medications. The day he executes the hack?

In the finale, we have firm dates for when the hack was executed and when Elliot wakes up in Tyrell’s car. We see the date May 12, 2015 on numerous news articles when Elliot is learning of the hack execution. Because Elliot was missing for three days, this supports the fact that they executed on May 9, 2015, consistent with the rest of the timeline.  

So yeah, Season 1 took place between February 2015 and mid-May 2015. I don’t know why I wanted to do this, I guess just wanted to put it all in one place for future reference? Let me know if I missed something? 

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