Mr. Robot

Regarding the Washington Township Toxic Waste Scandal

NY1 Corp’s hacking scandal continues with the release of these latest emails. Information stemming from the latest dump reveals that Terry Colby was one of three high-level executives involved in the cover-up of the widely publicized Washington Township toxic waste scandal...

Python Part 2 Dom’s Board of Everything

FBI Evidence Board

Beware the python approach...

Python Part 2

Python part 1

Ray’s Prescription Meds

Other numbers and a few barcodes which are not easy to read can be found on Ray’s pill bottles which also occurs in this same time sequence as the dialysis machine images described in a separate post. The rx number on the first prescription for Sitagliptin (for type-2 Diabetes) – is 0654684651-21.  There is also a phone number on the bottle: (212) 555-0178.  

Notes h1dden-pr0cess

Colby gives Price the last pre-press copy of his new memoir...

hidden process

Timelines in the Multiverse

Making sense of the timeline of Mr. Robot one of the most necessary steps to understanding WTF is happening with Elliot and the gang.

Notes from Init5

Tell us more about your sister, General Xhang...

Before I forget

What's Darlene's motivation?

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