• Darlene’s motivation for the hack? Connecting with her brother, being less of an orphan.
  • Darlene’s loyalty lies with Elliot, but Elliot’s wants change (and are sometimes mr. Robot.)
  • When Elliot drops the ball on his (mr. Robot’s) part of the fsociety plan, Darlene covers for him, and plays his part for him.
  • Elliot & Mr. Robot are struggling but I wouldn’t say “Overheating” – up until now, Elliot has thought of mr. Robot as an adversary, problem, hallucination, ghost, curse… And Mr. Robot knows it, that’s about all Mr. Robot knows… He’s not the architect of the project they’re in, he’s just a pawn like Elliot. Though arguably more in control of Elliot than the other way around, his “control” is limited. Let’s think of Elliot as an aspiring stand up comedian. When he takes the mic, his subconscious panics and pulls him off stage, replacing him with the funnier, wittier, braver Mr. Robot. Mr. Robot, then delivers his 3-minute set like the professional he is, as Elliot escapes from the tense experience watching old reruns from simpler times on the greenroom’s monitor. But mr. Robot couldn’t sign up for the open mic, that was something he needed Elliot to do, eventually Elliot gave up so much control, he let mr. Robot walk around as him and sign up for shows and all the rest. But now, for the first time; Elliot is realizing that he does in fact have power over Mr. R, and that he’s not something to he scared of. He’s a friend. Elliot’s going to start attending mr. Robot’s stand up shows.
  • they have to learn to work together.
  • It was and wasn’t all Darlene’s fault, she didn’t ask to be born. She pushes Cisco out of the window in her sitcom opening. Also in that sequence, magda puts her cigarette out on Darlene’s forearm and later punches her. Darlene says, “what does it matter if he hears?”
  • mr. Robot wants to help Elliot. So when Elliot freaks out over the mystery of Tyrell, and won’t let it go, mr. Robot eventually just says he shot him, putting the question to rest, or so he thinks. But the truth is, mr. Robot doesn’t know either, but he knows that closing the case is what’s best for Elliot, he’s got bigger fish to fry.
  • Tyrell really did call Elliot in prison.
  • angela started acting out as soon as she was transferred to risk management. One reason she is asking everyone for access to the servers is to establish an alibi of sorts that shows she didn’t and couldn’t have been responsible got the 5/9 hacks. She’s now doing her last Hail Mary pass, whistle blower.
  • Whiterose and Zhang.



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  1. I like this website. I just stumbled upon it – mostly because I’m highly interested in the timeline of the show. I agree with your timeline and I noticed you didn’t use any of the October dates we saw from the Pilot episode. Are you getting the proper dates from the DVD or somewhere else?


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