Waiting for Godot

[All Spoilers] Mr Robot and Waiting for Godot and Chess and all of it. Sam Esmail is going deep from MrRobot

Unmask – Stills by Luens

Mr. Robot – eps2.0_unm4sk-pt1.tc / eps2.0_unm4sk-pt2.tc July 17   luens: Mr. Robot – eps2.0_unm4sk-pt1.tc / eps2.0_unm4sk-pt2.tc

2.0p2 – He’s Here

He's back.

Scenes from unmask p2

blurrymelancholy: I’m late for my church group. Peace. eps2.0_unm4sk-pt2.tc

Scenes from unmaskp2

darlenealdersons: Mr. Robot eps2.0_unm4sk-pt2.tc When you look closely at the seams between order and chaos, do you see the same things I see? The strain, the tears, the glimpses of truth hidden underneath. Why do they fight so desperately to mask what they are? Or is it that they become who they are when they put on the mask?  


raymukada: Maybe that’s the show’s point. That shit is just pointless.