• Elliot pleads guilty to two counts of hacking and one count of grand larceny (flipper = $1000).
  • sentenced to 18 months in county prison.
  • “Adios, you son of a bitch.” – Lenny Shannon
  • Lone Star = Correctional Officier
  • Ray = Warden
  • Leon = inmate ready for Elliot before he arrived– which is really saying something since Elliot was arrested, arraigned, convicted, sentenced and incarcerated all within one day. Introduces the idea of routine.
  • Elliot is released early after serving 87 days.

act 1

  • Angela hacks Joseph Green’s assistant and then his computer using a rubber ducky.
  • darlene is panicking: Trenton and Mobley are missing and it’s getting real.
  • Elliot feels he must see his mom. He thanks her. She doesn’t respond or seem to notice he’s there.

act 2

  • Whiterose pees on the grave of the former ecorp CEO.
  • Elliot and Darlene go to Cisco to try and make contact with the Dark Army.
  • Elliot sees mr. Robot holding court in the next room, but walks in, to Mr. robot’s surprise.
  • hey, what just happened back there?
  • Minister Zhang and Price walk in the rain. Price tells Zhang that the Feds are taking over Washington Township facility, and Zhang threatens him. Price asks for a loan and says, “I’m a mercenary, order will not protect you. I’d rather see you lose than see myself win.”
  • Cisco takes elliot to the library to meet Xun and bug his phone. E asks about “phase 2.”
  • Angela is in DC, trying to blow the whistle on ecorp.

act 3

  • Train of thought, Elliot is trapped in a separate subway car from the one he and Cisco are riding in.
  • Darlene hears Xun.
  • nancy Grace says Berenstain and #decryptamericanow
  • Darlene remembers she left a tape at Susan’s.
  • Brownout start.
  • Angela’s in a room of clocks. Phelps walks her to an interrogation room, she gets uncomfortable and walks out.


act 4

  • Dom’s at Angela’s door with food and an olive branch. She had a dream about a beautiful woman who was trying to drown her… Tells Angela she knows everything and that Ollie came to her right away.
  • Cisco enters Susan Jacob’s smart house to find Darlene’s incriminating VHS and finds someone crying on the couch.
  • Darlene hears Xun and whiterose talk about Elliot, whiterose says that phase 2 was his idea. Knock at door.
  • elliot tries to return to his apartment but finds Tyrell’s SUV parked in front. The window rolls down to reveal Joanna, “hello Ollie.”