Corp’s hacking scandal continues with the release of these latest emails. Information stemming from the latest dump reveals that Terry Colby was one of three high-level executives involved in the cover-up of the widely publicized Washington Township toxic waste scandal. If these reports are true, Colby may be facing more indictments. In the ensuing 24 months after the alleged toxic waste leak in 1993, 26 employees died from similar types of leukemia. Evil Corp, however, managed to get the class-action lawsuit filed against it by the surviving victims dismissed, claiming there was no direct evidence linking their factories to the diagnoses. Now these emails indicate that Colby was in fact aware of the dangerous levels of toxicity and kept it a secret as it “would not be cost-effective to retool the current systems in place even if there are potential lawsuits”. Mr. Colby was unavailable for comment, but his lawyer-- Linking the waste levels in Washington Township to the victims’ illnesses. Legal analysts support the claim that there is not enough evidence--

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Evidence in the Washington Township scandal. Terry Colby remains under investigation for his alleged involvement with the-- NY1 REPORTER (CONT’D) Dismissed because there was no evidence linking the waste levels in Washington Township Evil Corp

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Mr. Colby, did you attend the executive board meetings during 1993? were you in the room when the decision was made to ignore the treatment of hazardous waste in washington township? i have information which can help you if you answer my question.

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...We failed our financial stress test, so we won’t be able to keep up all our facilities. As of noon this Friday, I’m sorry to say, the Washington Township plant will be taken over by the federal government.

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It’s no coincidence that you and Mr. Alderson became who you are after what happened with the Washington Township plant so many years ago.